by 50 international artists (list below)

- 88 pages
- 160g uncoated paper
- DIN A4
- 200 numbered copies
- € 12 + shipping

Adulthood was a collaborative project involving 50 artists from around the world.

The book is comprised of 5 associative photo chains, all starting from the common topic Adulthood.

The first photograph in each series was solely based on this topic. The following photographs only used the respective previous shot as an inspiration.

The resulting free associations provide an interesting and often unexpected look at the coming of age.

Contributing artists (in order of appearance):

Jarmal Martis, Karl Child, Helen Korpak, Alison Postma, Marc Gassó, Dominik Wojciechowski, Christiane Peschek, Philip Keith, Louis De Belle, Sinziana Velicescu, Antoine Derriey, La Millesh, Jade Leetz, Lukasz Wierzbowski, David Shaw, Emily Porter, Dora Kontha, Emilía Turner, Btihal Remli, Harald Wawrzyniak, Lita Bosch, Milica Stefanovic, Robbie Hala’api’api, Yaniv Waissa, Shelbi Ryder, Lin Xuecong, Tanja Gorsic, David Scholl, Mon Levchenkova, Alejandro Aguilar, Takuroh Toyama, Li Guanqun, Alessandro Ruggieri, Dila Ramos, Aram Tanis, Peter Kowalski, Massimo Palmieri, Allison Baker, Nora Lowinsky, Noah Waldeck, Ryan James MacFarland, Ulrike Biets, Dana Stirling, AdeY, Panu Heikki Johannes, Elena Cremona, Esthaem, Alba Giertz, Kersti K and Mr.Iozo.